Zhou Yu's Command Platform
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Zhou Yucourtesy named Gongjin, born in Shu County, Lujiang Prefecture, was a well-known military general and strategist serving the State of Eastern Wu in the late Eastern Han dynasty. He was said to have a handsome look and musical talents. There was a saying at that time: “If there is a problem with the tune, Zhou Yu will look up.”

In the form of a military tent, Zhou Yu's Command Platform is located on a slope of 8.5 meters high, where his grandeur and leadership are well presented. What’s more, this is also the scene where Zhou Yu and his generals discuss the strategies and train the navy. It is also the place of the Self-Torture Ruse, in which Zhou Yu pretends to punish senior general Huang Gai so that Huang would win Cao Cao’s trust when he surrenders to Cao.