Ganlu Temple
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The Ganlu Temple is where mother of Sun Quan, King of East Wu, worships Buddha. The crew of the TV series shot the scene of “The Empress meeting the son-in-law” and “Sun Quan and Liu Bei taking an oath by splitting a rock.” Lying in the mountain and overlooking the lake, the temple is an architectural complex with a regular layout composed of gates, side halls, a main hall, a drum pavilion and a pagoda. The main hall is 6 meters high and 16 meters wide, with a bronze statue of Shakya Muni. The square tower with a height of 13 meters in the temple is constructed in the earliest style of pagoda, from the Han Dynasty.

Atop of the Temple, it is the best venue in the Three Kingdoms Town for sightseeing: the natural scenery and the architectural art have created an atmosphere of calm reflection and inner peace.