Phoenix Pavilion
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This is the scene where the crew shot “Lu Bu Flirting with Diao Chan,” which tells of the story in which Diao Chan and Lu Bu date at the Phoenix Pavilion but are ruined by Dong Zhuo, a corrupt but powerful warlord who has taken Diao Chan to be his consort.

Wang Yun is a minister who was worried about the autocracy of Dong Zhuo, who is helped out by his valiant foster son general Lu Bu, so Wang sets up the plots known as “beauty trap” and “chain stratagems” to stir up conflict between Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo. Wang has in his household a singer Diao Chan, whom he has been treating like a daughter, and presents Diao Chan to Dong Zhuo as a consort but also betroths her to Lu Bu at the same time. One day, while Dong Zhuo goes to the court, Lu Bu sneaks into the Phoenix Pavilion to meet Diao Chan. She weeps and pleads with him to save her from Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo happens to return and sees Lu Bu with Diao Chan. He is so furious that he throws a halberd at Lu Bu, and the halberd narrowly misses Lu as he flees. After the incident, Lu Bu becomes resentful of Dong Zhuo. Wang Yun exploits this opportunity, manages to convince Lu Bu to kill Dong Zhuo, and then set up an ambush near the palace gate. He then lies to Dong Zhuo by saying that the emperor wants to abdicate his throne and passes it on to him and lures Dong Zhuo into the ambush, where Dong Zhuo meets his end at Lu Bu's hands.