Imperial Palace of the Song Dynasty
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A main complex of buildings in the capital district, the Imperial Palace of the Song Dynasty consists of the Xuande Gate Tower, Virtue Gate Tower,Virtue Hall, Meditation Hall, Royal Garden and so on. The idea of the Xuande Gate Tower came from the drum gate tower in Bianzhou Town of Tang Dynasty. The tall gate tower not only displays the supreme imperial power, but also represents a shared happiness between the monarch and the people in the Northern Song Dynasty. At the night of the 16th day of the first month of every lunar year, the emperor and his ministers will appear on the top of the tower for lantern shows.

Walking through the Virtue Gate, one arrives at the Virtue Hall, where Emperor Song Huizong handles over all affairs of the Empire. With a breadth of nine rooms and a depth of five, the building is the best in the capital city featuring the multiple-eave hip roofs.

Behind the Virtue Hall is the Meditation Hall, where the Emperor lives. Song Huizong is also a calligraphic artist with great artistic attainments, whose unique style is renowned as “Slim Gold.”

In the Royal Garden, constructed in the style of the South of the Yangtze, seasonal changes can only be sensed with blooming and fading of begonias, lotuses and osmanthuses.