Steles Village
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In The Water Marsh, Steles Village, Jizhou County, Shandong, is the hometown of the Three Ruan Brothers, Ruan the Second, Ruan the Fifth and Ruan the Seventh. They used to be fishermen in the last years of the Northern Song Dynasty. All the three are widely reputed as brave men of excellence in martial art. When Wu Yong, nicknamed "Knowledgeable Star," learns that Chao Gai intends to rob the convoy of birthday gifts for Prime Minister Cai Jing, he invites the Ruan brothers to participate in the robbery. After the success in the robbery, they take refuge at the outlaws’ stronghold at the Mount Liangshan.

Here in this fishing village, a few cottages with thatched roofs and a few fishing nets are set to showcase the village life in ancient times. The episode of “Robbing the convoy of birthday gifts” took shots in this scene.