Inspector-General Zhang’s Residence
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A classic building of the Song Dynasty, this residence accommodates Zhang Mengfang, inspector-general on defense of Mengzhou as in The Water Marsh. The building served as the scene for shooting of the episode “Wu Song’s Revenge at Mandarin Ducks Tower.”

Wu Song’s fighting ability is at its peak when he is partially drunk. He defeats Jiang Zhong, nicknamed "Jiang the Door God," and orders him to return the restaurant named Pleasure Wood to its owner Shi En. Then, Jiang collaborates with his friend, Instructor Zhang to frame Wu Song for theft. Wu is sentenced to exile in a prison in Enzhou. Jiang then bribes the escorts to kill Wu along the way. When they and two disciples of Jiang try to kill Wu at the Flying Cloud Pool, Wu breaks free from his shackles and kills all the assassins. He returns to Mengzhou at night, sets Pleasure Wood on fire, and makes his way to Mandarin Ducks Tower, where Inspector Zhang, Instructor Zhang and Jiang are drinking as they wait for the news of Wu’s death. Wu kills all three of them and writes on the wall "Wu Song is the killer" with their blood.

Now at Inspector-General Zhang’s Residence, visitors can have a photo taken with a model playing Inspector-General Zhang and also can enjoy the interaction games.