Mount Liangshan
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Mount Liangshan is famous for its “three majestic passes.” The first pass is the Village Gate, also named “entrance pass.” It is the necessary access to the mountain, with a fenced sand field in the front and with flags of all colors which deliver the character of wildness.

The second pass, the Return Gate, is the fortress where the defensive army of outlaws is garrisoned. The gate begins “Song Jiang’s bridle path,” which leads upward to the Congregation Hall. The path was the shooting scene of Song Jiang’s army going out to battle.

The third pass, the Loyalty Hall, formerly the Congregation Hall, is where the Liangshan heroes make strategic command of their army and defeat the suppressions of the Imperial army. It is also where they finally decide to get enlistment by the Emperor.

This place also served as scenes for the shooting of such films and TV series as Xijin Ferry, The Legendary Swordsman, The Grand Mansion Gate, and Blooming under the Full Moon.