Loyalty Hall
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Formerly named as the Congregation Hall, the Loyalty Hall is where the Liangshan heroes decide on their military strategies and commands and also decide on their ranks, according to which they are seated.

After Chao Gai, nicknamed "Pagoda-Shifting Heavenly King," is shot dead by an arrow coated with poison in Zengtou Town, Song Jiang becomes Liangshan's acting chief, who subsequently changes the name of Congregation Hall to Loyalty Hall.

With gable-on-hip roofs and chambers on the left and right sides, the Loyalty Hall recreates the scenes of the so-called 108 Stars of Destiny mapping out strategies against the Imperial army. The 108 Stars of Destiny are divided into two groups: the 36 Heavenly Spirits and the 72 Earthly Fiends. At the center of the hall where they launch the epic uprising to, as they claim, “deliver justice on Heaven's behalf,” are three chairs respectively for "Knowledgeable Star" Wu Yong, “Protector of Righteousness” Song Jiang and "Jade Qilin" Lu Junyi. In the end, Song succeeds in securing amnesty for himself and other Liangshan outlaws from the Song Emperor. As a conspiracy of wiping them out, Song Jiang and his army are ordered to go on military campaigns against rebel forces. Although Song wins these campaigns, the victory comes at a heavy price; most of the 108 Stars of Destiny perish in the final campaign against Fang La and his rebel forces. The Liangshan uprising ends in tragedy.