King Wu’s Palace
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King Wu’s Palace is a majestic complex of buildings consisting of side towers, Dragon Hall, Eminences’ House, Conviviality House, and Incense House. The two side towers in front of the palace functions an entrance, a post as well as a symbol of status.

The palace is the scene where the crew shot the episode “Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang’s wedding ceremony.” Zhou Yu suggests a “beauty scheme” to Sun Quan in order to seize the control of Jingzhou Province from Liu Bei. In the plan, Sun Quan lures Liu Bei to his territory under the pretext of marrying Sun Quan’s sister, Sun Shangxiang (Lady Sun). Once Liu Bei arrives, Sun Quan will hold him hostage in exchange for Jingzhou Province. However, Liu Bei ends up marrying Lady Sun for real because Sun’s mother likes this son-in-law. Liu Bei also manages to leave Sun Quan’s territory with his bride and safely returns to Jingzhou Province. When Zhou Yu leads his troops in pursuit of Liu Bei, he is ambushed by Liu Bei’s forces. Liu Bei’s men chant: “(Zhou Yu) lost both the lady and his soldiers.”