Cao Cao’s Tower Ship
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Cao Cao’s Tower Ship consists of upper and lower decks. On the lower deck is an assembly hall that served for meetings and banquets. On the upper deck is Cao’s study. In the middle of the study is the calligraphy of Cao’s surname in seal character, while on the board on the left is inscribed with his famous poem “Short Song Style.”

The story of “Cao’s recitation with a long spear” as seen in the TV series was shot here. On the eve of the Battle of Red Cliffs, Cao Cao is feasting with his generals. He is delighted that his fleet of ships has been chained so that his seasick soldiers from the North could walk on them as if they were walking on the ground. Seeing his army about to conquer the South of the Yangtze River, he is exuberant. With drinking zest, he holds a long spear in hand and indites a poem: “I lift my drink and sing a song and wonder who knows if one's life is short or long. Mountains do not despise height; seas do not despise depth. The sage pauses when guests call, so at his feet the empire does fall!”

        When you stand on the prow of the ship and look afar around the Taihu Lake, you can understand the true meaning of the lyric “what makes the Taihu Lake so beautiful is none other than its water.”